About us

ZaraDee Boutique was born out of a love for shoes and accessories for little ones. 

My name is Vanessa. I am a wife and a mother of two adorable children (Zara, born August 2013) and Archie (born July 2016)

When Zara was born, I found two new loves ... the love for my daughter and the love for cute and affordable shoes for babies and little ones. 

We aim to offer a range of shoes and accessories that are cute, practical and something that is just that little bit different.

I would like my life and buisness to be about 'more than me' ... I believe that we are here BY purpose and FOR a purpose. Our 'MoreThanMe' range is a reflection of that (more info to come ...)  

Thank you for following and shopping with us! You are helping a small business and a family.